tuesday, april 2

adali went to camp bapa and gaga for spring break again this year.  it wasn’t exactly the spring break she had imagined {and talked about for weeks}.  no riding horses, or playing in the woods this year.  rather it was building a snowman and coloring…lots and lots of coloring according to bapa.  for her it was still a spring break to remember.  she hasn’t stopped talking about it since she’s been back.

while she was there she got to help gaga at the photography studio and even had an impromptu session of her own with some very special little friends that were around the studio last week.  i mean really, how precious are these?  too much for words.  thank you gaga!

if you are in the kansas city area and are interested in antisdel.s photography you can click here for more information.  and if you live in the st. louis area we might be able to twist her arm to come for a visit and some photo shoots!

adai easter collage1

adali lamb088

adali easter collage2

adali lamb049

adali easter collage4

adali easter collage3

wednesday, march 27

it’s that time again.  we have started our fundraising efforts again this year for our march for babies team, adali’s angels.  this will be our 5th year walking and doing our part to make sure all babies are born healthy.  this year is extra special for us as we were chosen as one of missouri’s ambassador families to help spread the mission of the march of dimes.  i feel like we always set a pretty lofty fundraising goal but i feel so passionately about what the march of dimes has done to give so many babies, including adali a fighting chance that i feel compelled to set our goal as high as possible.  this year i thought it would be fun to see how many states we can get donations from.  so far we have 2 states, california and missouri.


i would LOVE to see this entire map filled purple by april 27!  and if you don’t think your donation has or will make a difference, think again.  for the first time in 30 years the rate of prematurity is declining.  holla!  also, there is a good chance your donation will stay local as the march of dimes has recently invested over $2 million in research to washington university school of medicine in st. louis to learn more about prematurity and birth defects.  that makes me SO happy.

this years walk will be held on april 27 at 9:00 am in forest park.  you can donate and sign up to walk here.

we will once again have team t shirts for anyone walking with us.  my brothers graphic design class will soon be turning in their designs for us to vote on, so be on the lookout for that soon.  we will also be holding the annual post March for Babies bash at our house immediately following the walk.

if you forget any of this information or want a quick place to donate you can click on the “march for babies” tab at the top or scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog for the march of dimes donation badge for our team.  and as always thank you so, so, SO much for continuing to support our cause.  you all will never know the love we feel from all of you knowing you support such an important mission to us.  remember…it all started with her….

family ambassador

tuesday, march 26

it snowed.  a lot.  in the spring.

snow collage1

no secret.  i’ve been over winter for a long time now.  we’ve battled sickness and cabin fever for months and i’m ready for spring flowers and chirping birds.  i want rosy cheeks to be from the warmth of the sun not from the bite of a bitter cold wind.  

but in saying that, you can’t take away from the beauty that was sunday’s gift.  the snow was mesmerizing…almost intoxicating.  by midday it looked as though every branch of every tree was drunk on sugar.  lazy and sagging.  it just kept coming.  even well after dark.  

i remember opening the back door for the boys to get a glimpse of what was going on and looking around feeling like i had been somehow transported directly inside of a snow globe.  i would occasionally reopen the back door and let the boys stand there, feeling the cold air touch their cheeks, letting the wet flakes melt on their eyelashes.  they would just soak it all in…and every once in awhile they would brave the cold threshold to dip their piggies in the snow or reach down for just one little taste of what mother nature had thrown at us.  it was fun to watch them.

spring snow-5

snow collage2

spring snow-20

snow collage3

so i decided maybe it would be fun to take them out in it for a few minutes.  and it was fun….

spring snow-44

spring snow-56

spring snow-55

snow collage4

spring snow-73

spring snow-68

spring snow-71

…until the magic was gone.  and then we cried and demanded spring come right now because really, the easter bunny doesn’t have snow boots now does he??

PS…rain, SNOW or shine we are marching for babies again this year!  more to come tomorrow but you may have noticed the fundraising badge at the verrrrry bottom of the blog or the new link in the navigation bar up top with all of the important information.  

tuesday, march 19

birthday’s were celebrated.  5 & 1.  

adali’s biggest wish came true in helping me in the kitchen to oversee the birthday festivity menu that consisted of candied bacon, crostini, pork chops, avocado corn tomato salsa and parmesan hash brown cups topped off with the most heavenly real buttercream frosting strawberry mousse cake.  mother nature managed to sneak a beautiful day into a winter that seems to be overstaying it’s welcome.  and adali was more than happy to share a birthday celebration with her brothers who have the unfortunate pleasure of having their birthday squeezed into the holiday season.  i know this willingness won’t last forever but i was thankful for it this year until we figure out something more permanent.  i think it can be made official that adali is a pro at blowing out her candles and the boys both enjoyed putting the “smash” into smash cake…just for very different reasons.  emry for the mess and ames for the oh so delicious cake {pictures below for proof on just how much ames loved his cake}.

not living close to family makes celebrations that much sweeter.   

bday collage1

birthday parties-6

birthday parties-18

bday collage2

birthday parties-33

bday collage3

birthday parties-57

bday collage12

birthday parties-62

bday collage5

birthday parties-86

bday collage6

birthday parties-113

bday collage7

birthday parties-122

birthday parties-136

birthday parties-147

birthday parties-22

bday collage8

birthday parties-150

birthday parties-159

bday collage9

birthday parties-177

birthday parties-187

birthday parties-204

birthday parties-205

birthday parties-219

birthday parties-209

bday collage10

birthday parties-200

bday collage11

friday, march 8


the cliche thing to say when your baby turns another year older is “where did the time go?”  the thing is, i know where it went.  straight to my heart.  i get so emotional writing things down for her birthday’s.  thinking back on all the things she’s learned over the past year.  everything we’ve been through.  i don’t get sad that she’s another year older.  i get excited.  for her.  yes, for us parents, i suppose it’s a bit sad that we have one less year with our children before they are adults.  but really, it’s not about us anymore is it?  it’s about them.  and everything they are becoming.  and let me tell you, my little girl is becoming on hell of an amazing person!


she’s such a happy person.  she’s so full of life it’s hard not to get sucked into her enthusiasm when you are around her.  she still loves school, and all things 5 year old little girls should love; like playing dress up, her friends from school, making her brothers laugh, princesses and pink but she also seems so grown up to me at 5.  she’s traded in cartoons for cooking shows, eats squid salad with her dada, takes showers by herself.  she’s my extra set of hands when i need to keep a bro from running away, she does her chores {most days} without complaining and has handled all of her medical hurdles like a champ.  to say i’m proud is an understatement.

i love spending time just the two of us, running errands or sneaking away for a special lunch.  knowing how much fun we have together now, makes me SO excited for our times together in the future {god willing she still thinks i’m cool enough to hang out with}.

i could sit here and brag on her all day, but to make a long story short…i’m excited about how far she’s come and i’m even more excited about where she is going.


happy birthday, sweet adali!!  i hope your day is as special as you are.  love, your mama.


wednesday, february 27


 {march of dimes signature chef’s auction 2011}


this year, we are honored to have been chosen to be an ambassador family for the march of dimes 75th anniversary.  it is a responsibility we take very seriously.  jastin and i have always said that we will do whatever we can to support the mission of ending prematurity.  adali’s first assignment as an ambassador this year is a very exciting one for her.  

she will be sharing her journey of prematurity on ksdk’s show me st. louis this friday.  it will be a live interview that will air sometime between 10:30-11:00 CST.  i found out just how excited she is about this when i went to pick her up from school the other day and found out she had been telling all her friends that she was “going to be on the news.”  

if you would like to watch the interview click here.