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monday, february 18 our house is crazy.  if you call, all you will hear is crazy.  if you stop by, all you will see is crazy.  it’s been this way since december 5, 2011.  it’s just that the definition of crazy has evolved over the past 14 months.  at first crazy meant an absurd assembly [ Continue Reading ... ]

wednesday, december 5 happy birthday my sweet loves!  ames & emry, you were born with something very special…your best friend {and my heart around your finger}. i love you more than the moon and stars combined. always, your mama

wednesday, june 13 i’m slowly catching up on these.   on may 5th the boys turned 5 months.  the key to this month was a daytime routine.  i was finally able to get them on the same schedule as far as nap, wake, feeding time goes.  this has been key in my sanity and the [ Continue Reading ... ]

tuesday, june 5 today ames and emery became men.  oops.  i mean they celebrated their 1/2 birthday.  we let them celebrate with something only a 6 month old would drool over…literally.  homemade sweet potato puree complete with candles, song and dance.  they looked at us like fools but we had fun with it…and then we [ Continue Reading ... ]

wednesday, may 23 the boys turned 4 months on april 5.  here are their 4 month fun facts and pics. the 4th month was a trying one in the land of twinhood with the boys.  i’m glad i’m posting this and looking back because i know it gets better.  but even during the most trying [ Continue Reading ... ]

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 monday, may 7   i think because i’ve been in survival mode simply trying to make it through each day with all three wee antisdels needs being met, that i haven’t really wrapped my mind around the fact that we have twin boys in our house now.  when i really stop to think about that, [ Continue Reading ... ]